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Ally McBeal
Ally McBeal is a single young lawyer looking for love and fullfillment in life. She works for a Boston Law firm with her ex-lover and his wife, a money loving boss and an annoying receptionist. With all that is going on she must contend with her feelings and her over active imagination.

The Crown
As Queen Elizabeth II faces a rapidly changing Britain, her family continues to struggle against the needs of the monarchy and the wants of their fracturing personal lives.

Heartbreak High
A group of students at an inner-city high school in Sydney deal with the many obstacles life throws at them including love, racism, broken homes, homelessness and drug addiction.

Master of None
Follow the personal and professional challenges that face a 30-year-old New York actor, whose trials range from the immigrant experience to what pasta he should eat for dinner.

Mrs Biggs
The true story of Charmian Brent. A rebellious woman borne from a strict 1950s upbringing, chronicling her whirlwind romance with Ronald Biggs which spiralled into crime - most infamously the Great Train Robbery in 1963.

North & South
Margaret is a country southerner newly settled in the industrial northern town of Milton. In the shock of her move, she misjudges charismatic cotton mill-owner John Thornton. When the workers of Milton call a strike, Margaret takes their side, and the two are brought into deeper conflict. .

Parade's End
During World War I, Christopher Tietjens struggles with duty, decorum, and his feelings for his socialite wife Sylvia Satterthwaite, who may not be carrying his child and suffragette Valentine Wannop.

A British soldier returns to his Cornwall home after fighting in the American War of Independence, but much has changed during his three years away: his father is dead; his lands are ruined; and his true love is about to marry his cousin.

The Pursuit of Love
Longing for love and obsessed with sex, Linda is on the hunt for the perfect lover. But finding Mr Right is much harder than she thought.

Mary, Queen of Scots, faces political and sexual intrigue in the treacherous world of the French court.

A Suitable Boy
In 1951 and newly independent India, passionate literature student Lata Mehra is torn between family duty and the promise of romance as three very different men try to win her heart.

The Tudors
Follow the young, vibrant King Henry VIII, a competitive and lustful monarch who navigates the intrigues of the English court and the human heart with equal vigor and justifiable suspicion.

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