What Should I Stream?


This website is a labour of love for us.

We're Kelly and Mark.

Kelly is a Website Manager for a global charity with a passion for films, decent TV and insightful documentaries. Throughout the years her friends have always asked her for recommendations on what to watch. She is known for her constant cinema going (before CV19 kicked in) and deep diving into what Netflix offers. So instead of trying to wrack her brains with what to suggest, she downloaded her Netflix viewing history to send. It was a tad long... She started turning the data dump into something meaningful to send on.

Kelly has been friends with Mark for over a decade and has a solid relationship with him in the work world too as he is a top-class website designer (absolute godsend for a Web Manager!). One evening when they were having a conversation, Mark commented on Kelly's Facebook post about how the spreadsheet was coming along and suggested creating a website instead.

So here we are. We know that the world is a very odd place right now and that people are turning more to their streaming services for content to watch. It will continue to grow and will focus on the more niche programmes, documentaries and films that you may not heard of.

This is the first website of its kind in the UK and we really hope this helps you guys out if you're stuck for something to watch!