Satire TV

American Vandal
A true-crime satire that explores the aftermath of a costly high school prank that left twenty-seven faculty cars vandalized with phallic images.

Brass Eye
Investigative reporter Chris Morris puts modern Britain under the spotlight and smacks the issues of the day until they bleed.

The Thick of It
Set in the corridors of power and spin, the Minister for Social Affairs is continually harassed by Number 10's policy enforcer and dependent on his not-so-reliable team of civil servants.

Yes, Minister
The Right Honorable James Hacker has landed the plum job of Cabinet Minister to the Department of Administration. At last he is in a position of power and can carry out some long-needed reforms, or so he thinks.

Yes, Prime Minister
James Hacker, MP is propelled along the corridors of power to the very pinnacle of politics - No. 10. Could this have been managed by his trusted Permanent Private Secretary, the formidably political Sir Humphrey Appleby, together with his much put upon PPS Bernard Wolley. What could possibly go wrong?

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