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Deutschland '83
Set against the real events, culture wars and political realities of Germany in the 1980s, this stylish coming-of-age story is framed within a suspenseful Cold War thriller.

Deutschland '86
Following his exile to Angola, Martin Rauch is enlisted by his Aunt Lenora as part of her plan to drum up hard currency to help save Communism which sees the pair setting off through Africa, Western Europe and East Germany.

Deutschland 89
When the Berlin Wall falls on November 9th, 1989, superspy Martin Rauch's world is thrown into turmoil. He and his fellow agents at the EGFI are reeling. Their government has collapsed, their organisation is in chaos and their futures are uncertain, at best.

Generation War
Five young friends meet in Berlin in 1941, but it may be their last time together as the events of World War II tear them apart.

Ku'damm 56
Generations clash when the feisty daughter of a dance studio owner defies her mother's wishes and embraces the fight for gender equality in 1950s Berlin.

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