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An unsuccessful writer's life is transformed by a top-secret "smart drug" that allows him to use 100% of his brain. His enhanced abilities soon attract shadowy forces that threaten his new life.

Little Miss Sunshine
When a bespectacled seven-year-old, Olive, voices her desire to take home the coveted Little Miss Sunshine crown at an upcoming beauty pageant, her wildly dysfunctional family sets out on an interstate road trip to ensure her a clear shot at realising her dreams.

The Lobster
In a dystopian society, single people must find a mate within 45 days or be transformed into an animal of their choice.

Ivan Locke has worked hard to craft a good life for himself. Tonight, that life will collapse around him. On the eve of the biggest challenge of his career, Ivan receives a phone call that sets in motion a series of events that will unravel his family, job, and soul.

When the mob wants to get rid of someone, they will send their target 30 years into the past where a looper, a hired gun, like Joe is waiting to mop up. Joe is getting rich and life is good until the day the mob decides to close the loop, sending back Joe's future self for assassination.

Lord of War
When a Ukrainian immigrant goes from two-bit thug to the world's leading arms dealer, he soon finds that his profiteering comes at a cost.

The Lost Boys
Lucy along with her two sons, Michael and Sam moves to a small town in California. Soon, the two boys are sucked into the mysterious and dangerous world of bikers, vampires and vampire hunters.

Lost in Translation
An American actor Bob, lands in Tokyo for an ad film and ends up meeting Charlotte, who's left behind by her photographer husband. Gradually, the two discover a friend within each other.

Love Is Strange
After Ben and George get married, George is fired from his teaching post, forcing them to stay with friends separately while they sell their place and look for cheaper housing - a situation that weighs heavily on all involved.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
Tensions rise when trailblazing blues singer Ma Rainey and her band gather at a recording studio in Chicago in 1927.

The Machinist
Trevor, an insomniac lathe operator who has not slept for months, experiences unusual occurrences at work and home. A strange man follows him everywhere, but no one else seems to notice him.

Mad Max: Fury Road
Years after the collapse of civilization, the tyrannical Immortan Joe enslaves apocalypse survivors inside the desert fortress the Citadel. When the warrior Imperator Furiosa leads the despot's five wives in a daring escape, she forges an alliance with Max Rockatansk, a loner and former captive.

Made in Dagenham
The Dagenham Ford factory, 1968. Three hundred female workers go on strike in protest at sexual discrimination, taking on the might of Ford in the process.

A Man Called Ove
Grumpy 59 year-old Ove looks over his neighbourhood with an iron fist. When pregnant Parvaneh and her family move into the terraced house opposite Ove and she accidentally back into Ove’s mailbox, it sets off a series of unexpected changes in his life.

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot
Calvin Barr has lived with the secret that he was responsible for the assassination of Adolf Hitler. Now, decades later, the US government has called on him again. Bigfoot has been living deep in the Canadian wilderness and is carrying a deadly plague that is now threatening to spread to the general population.

Manchester by the Sea
Scratching out a living as a handyman in Boston, Lee Chandler is suddenly called back to his home town on the Massachusetts coast by the death of his brother. This loss returns him to the scene of an even greater grief, threatening to tip him over the edge for good.

Marriage Story
A stage director and his actor wife struggle through a gruelling, coast-to-coast divorce that pushes them to their personal and creative extremes.

The Matrix
Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer, is led to fight an underground war against powerful computers who have constructed his entire reality with a system called the Matrix.

Mean Creek
When Sam is beaten up by a school bully, his older brother Rocky and his friend Marty plot revenge. They invite the bully on a boating trip, telling him it's a birthday party for Sam, and then play a cruel trick on him.

Two sisters find their already strained relationship challenged as a mysterious new planet threatens to collide with Earth.

Leonard is tracking down the man who raped and murdered his wife. The difficulty is he suffers from a rare, untreatable form of memory loss. Although he can recall details of life before his accident, Leonard cannot remember what happened fifteen minutes ago, where he's going, or why.

The Men Who Stare at Goats
Bob Wilton is in search of his next big story when he encounters Lyn Cassady, who claims to be part of an experimental U.S. military unit. According to him, the New Earth Army is changing the way wars are fought. Now, the programme's founder, Bill Django, has gone missing and Cassady's mission is to find him.

Miles Ahead
Miles Davis, a jazz legend, goes on to live in isolation while dealing with emotional and physical pain. However, he finds his love for music again in the company of a music reporter, Dave Braden.

Harvey Milk, an American activist, fights for gay rights and becomes California's first openly gay official to be elected to public office.

Washed-up actor Richard Thorncroft peaked with hit 1980s detective show 'Mindhorn'. Decades later, when a deranged criminal demands only to speak to Mindhorn, Thorncroft returns to the scene of his greatest triumph for one last chance to reignite his glory days and professional credibility.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post
Cameron looks the part of a perfect high school girl. But after she's caught with another girl in the back seat of a car on prom night, she's quickly shipped off to a conversion therapy centre that treats teens "struggling with same-sex attraction."

Mistress America
Tracy Fishko, a naive college freshman, finds her life turning upside down when she starts living with her mischievous future stepsister.

A feisty widowed single mum finds herself burdened with the full-time custody of her unpredictable 15-year-old ADHD son. As they struggle to make ends meet, Kyla, the peculiar new neighbor across the street, offers her help. Together, they find a new sense of balance, and hope is regained.

With only three weeks left in his three year contract, Sam Bell is getting anxious to finally return to Earth. He is the only occupant of a Moon-based manufacturing facility along with his computer and assistant, GERTY. When he has an accident however, he wakens to find that he is not alone.

The Most Hated Woman in America
The rise and untimely demise of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, crank, swindler, iconoclast, and America's most outspoken atheist.

A Most Violent Year
In 1981 New York, a fuel supplier tries to adhere to his own moral compass amid the rampant violence, corruption and decay that threaten his family and his business.

In the post–World War II South, two families are pitted against a barbaric social hierarchy and an unrelenting landscape as they simultaneously fight the battle at home and the battle abroad.

Muriel's Wedding
Socially awkward Muriel wants nothing more than to get married. Unfortunately, due to her oppressive father, Muriel has never even been on a date. Ostracized by her more socially adept friends, Muriel runs into fellow outcast Rhonda, and the two move from their small Australian town to the big city of Sydney.

A mute man with a violent past is forced to take on the teeming underworld of a near-future Berlin as he searches for his missing girlfriend.

An aging, booze-addled father takes a trip from Montana to Nebraska with his estranged son in order to claim what he believes to be a million-dollar sweepstakes prize.

A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of "watchers."

The Nice Guys
In 1970s Los Angeles, a mismatched pair of private eyes investigate a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star.

Night Watch
After battling for centuries, the Night Watch and Day Watch come to a truce, agreeing to stick to night-time and daytime respectively. But a member of the Night Watch threatens the peace between them.

Louis Bloom, a petty thief, realises that he can make money by capturing photographs of criminal activities and starts resorting to extreme tactics to get them.

Norwegian Wood
Toyko, 1968. Students are in revolt as pupil Toru watches his life unravel: his friend Kizuki commits suicide, he falls for Kizuki’s ex Naoko, before the emotional torment lands her in a sanatorium.

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